Our services include, but are not limited to:


  • Applications to Immigration New Zealand including:
    • Migrant Investor
    • Entrepreneur
    • Skilled Migrant Category
    • Work to Residence
    • Partnership
    • Essential Skills Work Visas
    • Study to Work Visas
    • Student Visas
    • Visitor Visas
    • and more!
  • Appeals to the Immigration and Protection Tribunal including:
    • Residence Class Visa Appeals
    • Humanitarian Deportation Appeals
    • Refugee Status & Protected Person Claims
  • Complaints to the Ombudsman
  • Requests to the Minister of Immigration for a special direction

Services we offer


TDA Immigration normally provides free preliminary assessments of your case.  We gather basic details about your situation in order to determine what type of assistance we can offer.


Fees will vary depending on factors such as:


  • the complexity of your case
  • the urgency of your situation and time limitations
  • the number of people included in the application
  • disbursements (e.g. Immigration New Zealand application fees)



About TDA Immigration

When choosing your immigration adviser make sure you know that they have the expertise you require.  You need to know that you are getting value for money.  Immigration rules are complex, nuanced and constantly evolving.


TDA Immigration has many years of experience in assisting clients with very challenging circumstances.  We pride ourselves on doing our very best for every single client.  We bring years of experience succeeding where other advisers have failed.


TDA Immigration regularly makes successful appeals to the Immigration and Protection Tribunal after being declined by Immigration New Zealand.  Recent decisions include:


HO (Skilled Migrant) [2017] NZIPT 204164

HM (Skilled Migrant) [2017] NZIPT 204155

AC (Accredited Employers) [2017] NZIPT 204134

CV (Skilled Migrant) [2017] NZIPT 204027

CR (Migrant Investor) [2017] NZIPT 203427

JK (Sibling and Adult Child) [2016] NZIPT 203432

OI (Partnership) [2016] NZIPT 203209

OT (Skilled Migrant) [2016] NZIPT 203257

BJ (Migrant Investor) [2016] NZIPT 203162


Click on any of the above decisions to read the full decision hosted on the Ministry of Justice website.


Our Advisers

The Honourable Tuariki Delamere (Adviser # 200800266)

Arlana Delamere (Adviser # 201201068)

Weihana Delamere (Adviser # 201200175)

Xing Gao (Adviser # 201601077)

Harris Gu (Adviser # 201500105)